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The Colour Purple Auto Open Umbrella

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Looking for an umbrella to keep you dry on the rainy days but  with a little more style than a standard "Black"? Give the Colour Purple Umbrella a go!

The Colour Purple Fashion Umbrella is named after the purple fabric that it is made from. Our Fashion range of Umbrellas are all automatic, meaning they can be operated with one hand via the button on the handle.

Rain or shine, The Colour Purple Fashion Umbrellas will protect you from the elements, enabling you to get on with your day and look fabulous!


We take pride in our stellar products and service. Our umbrellas are made to last and we're ready to guarantee that. All Splash Umbrellas come with a 12-month guarantee against faulty workmanship. If your new brolly breaks from a manufacturing fault within 12 months of your purchase, we'll replace it with a new umbrella! Just don't go throwing them in a reactor or into an industrial thresher. That's a different kind of fault. Please review our Shipping Policy or Refund policy for more information.


Product Code: SA03
Style: Fashion
Colour: Purple
Auto/Manual: Auto


.: Automatic: Auto open/close function allows for easy one-handed operation.

.: Portable and lightweight: You don't have to choose between gigantic windproof umbrellas or tiny ones that cannot provide minimal wind protection. This excellent umbrella is the perfect combo of portability, protection and durability.


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